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Waste Water


Plants with design based on the Onewater® system for treating waste water, from urban origin (cities, urbanizations, campings, hotels...) as well as industrial waste water.


Our plants can treat these polluted waters and leave them in different output qualities (for discharge, re-use, irrigation...)  




Onewater®  plants for treating pre-potable waters, contaminated with one or more pollutants, that make them unusable for human consumption.


These plants remove/reduce the pollutants (arsenic, nitrates, chlorides, sulphates, metals..... ) and refine the pre-potable waters to leave them in proper condition for human use (potables).

MFS - Micro-Filtration System

Micro-filtration equipment by physical only means.

Reduces the polluting charge of wastewater effluents from different industries.

Peeling of almond, oil, treatment of plastics, slurry, among others cases.

                                                                                                                                   INDUSTRIAL TESTS AVAILABLE

Liquid Waste


Equipment for treating highly contaminated waters (lixiviated, highly contaminating industries wastewaters, highly organic charged waste, industrial liquid waste...).


These plants are built based on  evapo-condensation and evapo-oxidation principles. 

[ E-OX / E-CON ]


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